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Online Banking

Account Fees

Description Fee
Membership Fee $1.00
Minimum Balance required on IRA Accounts $100.00
Minimum Balance required on Savings Accounts $25.00
Activity Printout- per page $2.00
Dormant Account - Quarterly Fee (No member generated activity within last 365 days) $5.00
Minimum withdrawal from a Savings Account $10.00
Withdrawal- payable to other than account holder $3.00
Excessive withdrawal fee (savings only)- over 6 per quarter $2.00
More than one withdrawal or transfer from a Christmas account per calendar year $10.00
Copy of Share Draft - per page $2.00
Copy of a Lifetime FCU Check - per check $5.00
Inquiry Fee $4.00

Deposits/Loan Fees

Description Fee
Transfers from Savings to a Checking Account to pay a NSF $5.00
Share draft returned as NSF $30.00
ACH-NSF $30.00
Deposit/Loan payment returned NSF $30.00
Late Loan Payment - after 10 days $20.00
Stop Payment - Share Draft (1-4) $25.00
Stop Payment on a series of checks (5 or more) $35.00
Stop Payment - Credit Union check $25.00

MasterCard Fees

Description Fee
NSF Fee on Returned Check $30.00
Late Payment Fee- after 10 days $20.00
Over the Limit Fee - $100 or more $10.00
Card Replacement Charge $5.00

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

Description Fee
ATM Withdrawal/Inquiry Fee - per withdrawal/inquiry $1.00
ATM Fee - NSF Fee $30.00
Debit Card Transaction Fee - per transaction $1.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee - each transaction $5.00
Card Fee - Savings only, per card $5.00
Replacement Card - per card $5.00
Reissue PIN fee $5.00
Early Account Closing - within 90 days of opening $10.00
Personal Check Orders* - prices vary depending upon style ordered -----
Account Research fee - per half hour $10.00
Outgoing Wire Fee $20.00
International Wire $35.00
Printouts - any document, per page $2.00

*Third Party Printed Checks: your Credit Union cannot guarantee that checks ordered through mail order or other outside sources will be processed properly, nor can it guarantee the quality or safety of these outside orders.